Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The Needs of the Elderly

It’s no secret that the elderly have needs that younger people often don’t have. The vulnerabilities that come with old age can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and helplessness when they aren’t addressed properly.


As old age creeps up, neither the elderly nor the young may come to terms with new living conditions right away. Elderly people might insist on continuing to do things independently even though it goes against their self-interest. Younger people might take everything at face value and allow their elders to engage in risky activities. No matter how self-assured an older person is, there comes a time when he or she needs supervision and help.

Physical Conditions

People are more prone to injury, disease and other physical conditions as they grow older. Some of these problems come on suddenly, while others develop over time. On top of this, many elderly people have trouble getting to doctor’s appointments, retrieving medication scripts and following medical instructions. If a young person is unable to assist with all of these needs, there are elder care services Floral Park NY that can ensure that everything is taken care of.

Mental Conditions

Old age can affect a person’s mental state in many ways. For one, conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia can make it hard for an individual to live without supervision. Also, an elderly person may undergo personality or mood changes simply because of the circumstance. Even if a loved one is combative and difficult to deal with, it’s important to help him or her as much as possible.

A person can have the best intentions when dealing with parents or grandparents, but the wrong courses of action can lead to unintended consequences. It helps to look into the psychological and physical needs of senior citizens, and how to fulfill those needs.

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