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8 Benefits of Dental Implants

8 Benefits of Dental Implants

Most people suffer from tooth loss due to periodontal injuries, tooth decay, or injuries. While for the longest time, the most common treatment option for missing teeth was dentures and bridges, today, people also have the option of dental implants. Here are a few benefits of getting dental implants.

They Act Like Natural Teeth

One of the major benefits of dental implants is that they look and behave like natural teeth. Most people can hardly tell the difference between a natural tooth and an implant. In addition, you can normally eat, brush and floss as usual without any complications.

Can Last a Lifetime

Whether you are getting only one implant or all on 4 dental implants, these implants can last you a lifetime. They are made of titanium which integrates with the jawbone. It is also compatible, meaning that it is not toxic and will not be rejected by the body. Combine that with proper tooth maintenance and regular dental checkups, and the implants will serve you a long time.

Prevents Bone Loss

After losing a tooth, you are likely to lose bone mass along your jaw. A jawbone requires the stimulation it gets when teeth connect in order to maintain mass. Central Texas Periodontics informs that if you get a tooth implant a year after losing one, that bone area is likely to lose about 25% of its volume. Within consecutive years, the bone loss will keep increasing. Therefore, to avoid this, it is advisable to get the implants early.

Improved Oral Health Care

When getting dental implants, the dentist does not have to reduce your teeth, unlike fixing a tooth-supported bridge. Therefore, since the neighboring teeth are not altered, your teeth are left intact, which improves your general oral health in the long term.

Restores Bite Force

These implants are secured into the jaw with a titanium post that replaces the tooth’s root. It allows you to bite with the same amount of force you were using for your natural teeth. Other options used to replace teeth hardly restore your bite force effectively, compared to dental implants.

Prevent the Shape of Your Face from Changing

Your teeth aid in facial structure support. When you lose a tooth, that support deteriorates, causing your face’s shape and structure to change. This also contributes to making you appear older. However, a dental implant offers the same support to your jaw and face as natural teeth, which prevents the shape of your face from changing.

Enables Natural Speech

Missing teeth will alter your speech. Unlike dentures which either impact how you pronounce words or cause you to mumble, dental implants enable you to speak freely. This is because they function and feel like natural teeth.

Improves Self Esteem

Because dental implants are almost like natural teeth, they can restore your smile and make you feel confident about your appearance. If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you might want to consider dental implants. There are many benefits to be enjoyed, and most importantly, you will be taking care of your oral health.

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