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Understanding Breast Cancer Treatment Options

By Amy F. Ritzman Aug20,2021

Understanding Breast Cancer Treatment Options

When a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, the professional cancer care team will guide you through the treatment options depending on individual needs. There are different levels of cancer spread, and each of them requires unique interventions. Your health practitioner in breast cancer treatment Orange County-located will determine the ideal plan for you.

The stage of cancer determines the treatment plan to be undertaken. The primary treatment options include the following;


It involves the use of strong rays to destroy cancer cells. An oncologist uses various types of radiation therapy for treatment, such as intraoperative radiation therapy and external beam therapy. External beam is the most common form of treatment and can be done before or after surgery. If the patient has a large tumor, then therapy is recommended after the patient has undergone surgery. When specialists cannot treat cancer through an operation, radiation therapy compresses a tumor for easier removal.


It is a cancer treatment option that involves removing the cancerous growth and the surrounding tissues in a surgical operation. In breast cancer cases, the surgery may include removing the entire breast or the development and a margin of the surrounding tissues leaving most of the breast. Removal of the tumor is standard in newly diagnosed cases with a low gene mutation rate.

In most cases, chemotherapy is given before the surgery. The treatment option is determined by the extent to which chemotherapy has destroyed the cancer cells.

Use of Medication

It involves prescribing drugs to destroy cancerous cells and is administered by a physician who specializes in cancer treatments. The systematic therapies are of different types, depending on individual conditions. They can be hormonal, immunotherapy, or targeted therapy. It is advisable to consult your health professional on the best medication for breast cancer treatment and the side effects. You should inform your cancer care professional if you are using any nutritional supplements.

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